IceGiant is a web3 database DeFi protocol that converts data into digital assets,helps you grasp the value of data.

Web3 database DeFi protocol  grasp the value of data.

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Speed up dApp development

By using RESP and SQL protocols, developers can quickly build and deploy decentralized applications, helping web2/web3 applications quickly access data decentralization capabilities.

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Maximize database asset value in apps

IceGiant combines NFT and DeFi to turn user database data into digital assets, enhancing data transaction capabilities and creating a more sustainable economic infrastructure for data management and utilization.

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Quick and safe storage and retrieval

IceGiant's use of data fragmentation, retrieval gateway, and FlowShield security network enables fast data storage and retrieval, while NFT and DeFi tech support encourages more data access points for enhanced user data management.

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Enhance integration and usage of complex dApp data

IceGiant turns data into digital assets using NFT/DeFi, enabling efficient and secure data management. Users can trade their data, unlocking its full value, and expanding its application within Web3.

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IceGiant helps users master their own data, and can also convert data into digital assets, which can be managed and traded through NFT/DeFi. At the same time, DeFi can provide data DAO with better financial management and transaction services, making data DAO more efficient and sustainable in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Decentralized database layer

IceGiant uses IceFireDB as decentralized database storage and retrieval protocol, the IceFireDB storage engine supports IPFS, disk, OSS and other media to ensure global reliable storage and retrieval of IceGiant user data.

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Data Private Retrieval Layer

IceGiant uses FlowShield's private data retrieval network to enhance the decentralized retrieval and access capabilities of user data,FlowShield aims to build a decentralized web3 privacy data retrieval security network system around the world.

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Database DeFi Layer

IceGiant employs DeFi smart contracts to execute database management and transactions. Smart contracts contain rules and terms for data management and transactions, enabling functions such as data capitalization, digital asset transactions, and financial management. Smart contracts are non-tamperable and automatically executed, ensuring the safety and reliability of data management and transactions.